Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Since we spent two years planning this day with the kids, there was alot of planning involved. Our aim was to make it as simple as possible prior to the wedding and try to accomplish things way in advance. Therefore we created a timeline of activities we did and checked them off as we went. Before I start reliving my notes from the last two years and giving you all suggestions. It would be nice to hear from the guests as to what
they liked about the wedding and the weekend.
 Because the kids wedding venue choice was in a prime location beach spot we wanted to help with costs of hotel stay for our guests and therefore we had a Volleyball Picnic Friday night  at a local beach, this was given by the grooms family and was wonderfully fun! On Saturday morning we provided breakfast bags for our guests and Sunday we had a Brunch before the left.  
So here we go.......I look forward to comments from the guests and I am sure the kids do to!!  Thanks to all who came!